Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Return of Miss Bianca and Bernard the Brave

I blogged about Margery Sharp's Miss Bianca series a few weeks back -- it wasn't a very good post, I was tired and distracted. Thankfully, you don't need me to write about this subject any more, because just yesterday I learned that the New York Review of Books (an imprint of Random House) is bringing the first book in the series, The Rescuers, back into print this summer, in a nice hardcover edition!

Run, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore and order your copy today! Discover for yourself why I love these books unreservedly. If enough folks buy this one, I've no doubt that NYRB will follow up with Miss Bianca and The Turret, books two and three. I know it says "Children's Collection" on the front, but these are not just for kids. Anyone who likes a good gothic, romantic adventure will appreciate these stories. Just put the Disney movies right out of your heads, and step right up to Miss Bianca's Porcelain Pagoda for your ticket into a richly imagined world, where platonic love, honor and redemption are still possible for the smallest among us.


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