Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So little time, so much to blog. . .

Too many changes, too fast.

And suddenly, summer is over. The shadows are mighty long by 6:30. By 7:30 it is full dark. And still dark well after six in the morning. Who likes getting up in the dark?

There was an actual chill in the air this morning and yesterday morning, where before there was only oppressive heat and humidity.

Even the cats feel the cold. Both Honey and Pandy Bear slept with me the other night, huddled as close to me as they could get.

When did all this happen? May 16 still seems like yesterday to me. If the Time Machine had any respect for us at all, it would run down once in a while.

The lights are off in my mother's room for the first time. She was the sort of person who hated being alone, and kept all the lights and the television running 24/7. Since her death I kept one light burning continuously in there, the one beside her bed, not so much out of sentiment, but  because I wanted it on at night (so the cats could find their way to the bathroom, and so that things would look normal at night from the outside). But the switch was broken, turning the light out would mean having to unscrew the bulb, too much trouble to go to on a daily basis. So it stayed on.

At night I would turn an additional light on at the other end of the room. Then I got the power bill, and decided that one light was enough at night, in that room.

I reached in to the lamp beside her bed and unscrewed the bulb, burning my fingers even through the handkerchief.

So her room is still lighted at night, for the cats, but by day it is dark.

Soon enough, even the one light will go out at night. See below.

More later.


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