Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where Quats Come from: Remember B. Kliban?

I use the word "quat" a lot here and on Facebook. Most of you already know this, but just in case you really were born yesterday, I didn't make it up. The late B. Kliban did.

He once said, "I like cats all right. I just don't like drawing them."

In that case, what a curse it must have been, making pots and piles and truckloads of money from his drawings of Quats!

I'm sure he derived more satisfaction from being a Playboy cartoonist, and Hefner paid better than anyone in the business. There's one particular Playboy cartoon that I remember that combines Kliban's interests: two male Kliban Quats are standing on the street, watching a fetching female Kliban Quat go by, and one quat says to the other, "There goes a heckova nice pussy."

When I tell my little Honey that she's a heckova nice pussy, she pirouettes and swishes her fluffy tail around as if it was a boa.

-- Freder

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