Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Falling Apart

This morning a huge chunk of ceiling plaster fell in the front room. I swept the rubble aside, no time to clean it up properly. Now there's a gaping grey hole there, with the floorboards visible from the room above. When are the blows going to stop?

It's almost as if my mother was the glue holding this place together, and as soon as she died it began falling apart, like the tower of Barad-Dur in Lord of the Rings. With the home inspector coming sometime soon to check the place out, I'm a little concerned that this could kill the deal.

Still and all, it made me feel better about signing the Purchase Agreement on the new house, which I did today on the way in to work.

It's official. If the mortgage comes through I will be moving into a nice two-story Victorian sometime midwinter. It feels like the right decision, and the right house, but it's too bad I'm being pushed so hard by my father, my sister, and even the house itself.

Want to talk about feeling overwhelmed? I'm there. I'm trying to think out the logistics of the move, but sometimes I despair of managing it all by myself.

Meanwhile, I had Quat Warfare last night in my end of the house. Tiger Whitestockings decided that she liked the comforter on my bed even better than she liked the quilts of the sofa. I warned her that she was treading on thin ground, but did she listen to me?

The upstairs, especially including my bedroom, is Honey's Domain, and she guards it fiercely. I was typing an email at the computer when I heard a shriek and the rumbling of feet. The two cats shot down the stairs and between my feet, moving so quickly I didn't even see them. All of a sudden I heard them behind me, and then Whitestockings shot back upstairs with Honey in hot pursuit, fur flying.

I found Whitestockings cowering on my bed, with Honey looming over her, getting really aggressive, ready to pounce. You can bet I broke that one up! I carried Whitestockings back downstairs, put her on the quilts and told her, "It's best you stay down here."

I wonder how Honey is going to react  to the move. All of a sudden she won't have Her Dominion anymore, she'll be on even footing with all the others, in a strange new world.

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