Monday, December 20, 2010


Casting around for images of moving on the internet, it dawned on me that Howl's Moving Castle was the perfect symbol.
I wasn't going to post today because even I am sick of my whingeing and whining. But I just got off of the phone with the movers, and I have a date: Monday the 27th, starting bright and oily at 8:00 AM, my furniture will be moved into the new house.

I can hardly wait! Life will be so much better all the way around once this is done.

As it stands now, everything is jangling and there are lots of things that I can't unpack because I have nowhere to put them. Living out of three suitcases and a bin is a pain, and it doesn't help that I'm so absent-minded! I couldn't find my razor and had to buy a new one. I still can't find the comb that I packed just a couple of days ago. I had an hour of panic this morning because I couldn't find the wallet, keys and checkbook that I had in my pants pockets yesterday at work! (It puts things into a kind of perspective when you realize how much you can't do without those three things!)

The cats will be happier too, although I fully expect them to subject me to another round of freaking out when I finally release them from the bathroom.

Last night was better. It was good to bring the television, DVD player and computer out from the old house. Even though I'm not connected to anything yet, I could still play DVDs and have something to look at while I ate dinner (the original I Spy), and did some unpacking and puttering around.

I put on the Hogan Peter Pan for that, and no, the significance of my current focus on that story is not lost on me, nor did I title a previous post The Peter Pan Syndrome on a whim. To grow up is an awfully big adventure, and I'm doing a lot of it under adverse conditions, awfully late, and awfully suddenly, all through this terrible year.

The quats are settling down some. The gas fire is a big hit with everyone except Honey. Whitey is no longer hiding. They are eating again. On the first day, Honey wouldn't even eat the turkey breast that I bought especially for her and Whitey. That changed last night! But she still isn't sleeping with me. In the middle of the night I grabbed Patches and was surprised when she stayed with me, purring, until I fell asleep.

I finally managed to get my hands on Tiger Whitestockings yesterday on my trip out to the house. She's in he garage now, but she's a day behind the other guys. She spent the entire day under the previous owner's Corvette, and wouldn't eat at all unless I was kneeling there, petting her. Finally this morning, she found the cloth cover I'd spread out for her, and settled on that.

It looks like we are not going to get the significant snow that they were predicting for tonight -- so I will make the trek out to the old house again, load up the car, and drive back into town. With Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, I expect to spend a lot of time out there packing and getting ready for the movers on Monday. Maybe, just maybe, this won't take as long as I thought.

Tomorrow afternoon, I close on that house.

Onward, indeed. . .

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