Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What should have been a nice evening off went sour. The blower on the gas fire stopped working. Honey not only would not sleep with me, but disappeared -- I was so worried; it is, by my standards, a small house with no real hiding places and still no furniture to speak of, how could she vanish so completely? At four AM I was wandering through the house calling, and then screaming, her name.

I believe I am reaching the limits of what one person can cope with on his own. Those of you with partners in life -- cherish them, even if they sometimes annoy you. Here's a song lyric by Jacques Brel to cheer and amuse. The lyric actually doesn't do justice to the song, which starts low, peaks in the middle, and then diminishes as it tumbles down to the moaning final verse:

We find love, you and I
It's a new game to play
Then we tell our first lie
And see love go away
And we find... we're alone

We rush on, you and I
We don't need love at all
We need thrills, we need speed
Then we stumble and fall
And we find... we're alone

We're loyal, you and I
To flowers that are dead
We forget how to cry
We save photos instead
And we find... we're alone

We hear guns, you and I
We ask what is that
Then we open the Times
We're informed where it's at
And we find... we're alone

We're moral, you and I
We stand for what's right
We Slaughter all evil
By dawn's early light

And we find... we're alone

We're lucky you and I
We're alive and secure
But in the bank and the church
We can never feel sure
And we find... we're alone

We've made it, you and I
We have glory and fame
Yet we never know why
We feel so ashamed
And we find.. we're alone

We have power, you and I
But what good is that now
We could build a new world
If we only knew how
And we find... we're alone

We are old, you and I
We beg warmth from the sun
In the dreams that we dream
We ask what have done
And we find... we're alone

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