Thursday, December 23, 2010

"The Dreaded Feast"

A Sanity Claus made by my mother.

. . . is a book that I find hysterical but which no one else seems amused by. It is the only really crabby book about Christmas that I can think of.

My Christmas present to the blogospere is: I will be away from it for a few days, while I spend the holidays taking apart what's left in the old house, making the place ready for the movers to come in, packing and loading. Christmas was a favorite holiday of my mother's, never one of mine, and this one will be more poignant than any other I've experienced.

If someone had told me last Christmas what this year was going to be like, I would have said they were crazy. Which just goes to show something, although I'm too close to it to know what.

Happy, happy, Merry merry.

-- Freder

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