Thursday, March 10, 2011

Announcing !

It's official! I will have an all-new website, bigger and better than before, and this time it will have its own domain name: !!

That's easy to remember! Just think of Duck Soup and Maine!

I'm already brimming with ideas and I haven't even started. The site will contain a complete archive of all my online comics, it will be the new home for the my literary e-zine EPOCH (formerly MILLENNIUM, and every issue of that will be archived there as well), and a heckova lot more, all with a spanking new look and interactivity.

This blog will be incorporated into the new family of sites, and will be accessed through, but it will still contain all the world-class wingeing and whining, suffering and misery that you have all come to expect!

It won't happen all at once, of course. Baby steps is still my motto! There will be a steep learning curve as I take on the power of Dreamweaver and Flash, but I've been there before, and this self-taught graphic artist is about to grow his abilities once again.

Right now there is a placeholder up announcing my arrival. The official launch will happen. . . when it happens. The important thing is, I now have something to shoot for.

I'm excited! I have a new house in real life, and now I have a new house on the web, and it will do me a world of good to bring them both to life. I hope that y'all will come and see me in my new diggs! I'll let you know when it starts to come together.

1 comment:

  1. To quote from another source "Movin right along". Good to see you active as all get out on something as creatively uplifting as this. Best from Fozzie and W


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