Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Life: FAIL!

There no longer seems to be much point in blogging about what happened in the days following the clean-out of my mother's home.

We found a beautiful two-story Victorian that I loved. No work needing to be done on it. A little large for me, but that's better than too small. My father swung in and started negotiating with the owner. He managed to get the price down and to carve out a deal that we all thought I could afford.

Then the lawyers got involved. All they had to do was draw up an agreement, but no -- they wanted to change this aspect and they wanted to change that aspect of it, and by the time they were done changing things, we had no deal.

So here I am in my mother's house, typing up exactly not the story I had hoped to be typing, and feeling like another rug has been yanked out from under me.

That house was the only thing I had to look forward to, the one bright light ahead of me.

My father and his wife leave tomorrow for Sedona, so they won't be able to help me with their advice, their knowledge of houses, or their negotiating skills -- none of which I possess.

I'm marooned.

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