Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ein Pome

I think that I shall never see | A G.O.P. who'll hug a tree

i like poetry best when garrison keillor reads it aloud
charles kurault was no slouch either
he could make a burma shave sign sound like bleedin' ozymandias
but mr kurault is dead now
and mr keillor is no spring chicken
so i can see the day coming when poetry will have no place in my life at all

my own brain does not read poetry nearly so well as they
i see only words incorrectly capitalized
and sentences without punctuation
and wonder where in hell the proofreader was when this thing got published

in consequence my own efforts at poetry are strictly pathetic
it would be nice one day to write something good enough
that mr keillor would read it aloud
but i don't hold my breath

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