Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Neat and Pretty. . . well, neat-ish anyway. . .

My kitchen project is coming along nicely. I may have mentioned in a previous post that the only way to wind the kitchen clock was to climb over the back of the chair I sit in. That has changed. The picture above is the "after" picture. Imagine it with piles of magazines, books, boxes of tax records going back to 1996, cereal boxes, dolls, old bags of potato chips and heaven knows what all else stuffed under, around and behind that bar stool. Under the kitchen table was the same way. I threw out four garbage bags of magazines and newspapers this past Sunday, in addition to the eight bags I threw out last week.

The day after I cleared this space, the clock ran down. I moved the bar stool to one side, walked right in, stepped up onto the stool and wound that thing -- without ever having to do acrobatics. It was a real pleasure.

There's still work to do in there, of course -- I may take out a rocking chair that is simply one piece of furnature too many for that room. And I've started on the kitchen table, just getting all the notebooks and papers, the stacks of greeting cards out,

But the main goal has been reached. People can walk where no one has walked in years. You should see the cats. They walk under the table and between the legs of the stool into that back space, and stand there looking around in astonishment, as if to say "Where did this space come from? I'm going to sit here and give myself a bath!"

This coming weekend I'm going to return to clearing up my own end of the house. I've made a lot of progress in that area, but there are a couple of closets I want to hit. . .

-- Freder.

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