Monday, August 23, 2010

Can you imitate me, Betty Boop?

My follow-up visit to the doctor was eminently successful. I've lost five pounds in the last month -- the first time in a decade, I think, that I've tipped the scales at under 200 pounds. Blood pressure way down, 139/80 vs. 168/whatever last month. Pulse rate down. Cholesterol just 6 over what it should be, and bad cholesterol way low.

Pending what the blood test tells him about how my liver is faring, I may not have to go back at all.

I posted on my Facebook page: "I'm gonna click my heels and jump for joy | Got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!"

Not to say that weekends here at the Duck House don't contain a particular air of sadness, But that's another story.

But my project of duping VHS to DVD has taken a happy turn: my eight-volume set of Betty Boop cartoons turns out not to be copy-protected, and as most of this is unavailable in any form today, I'm getting it down on disk at a fast rate.

What a joy the best of Boop is! And what a crashing disappointment the
post-code cartoons are! And -- isn't Mae Questal the greatest female voice
artist in all of cartoon history? (Sorry, June Foray -- you're close, though!)

While I'm duping I'm doing other things: writing letters to friends, blogging, and entering some of those 115 cartoons into my database. Is this a help to me, or merely a distraction? Probably a little of both.

At the very least, when the time comes to move (which will be a heady day, given that it involves nothing less than ending one life and beginning a new one), I will be able to say to myself, as I'm lugging the heavy boxes of books and vinyl and DVDs, "It could have been worse!"

This afternoon, I¹ll mow the lawn. Then tomorrow, the kitchen project moves on. Hopefully to completion.


-- Freder

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