Friday, December 21, 2012

The Fox with the Golden Sax


(and by “we” I mean of course the editorial we, a device that writers sometimes use to avoid typing “I” all the time...)

are pleased to announce that our latest e-Book is published and available now! Tinsel*Town #1 is the first “graphic novel” in our new line of publications (I have to use quotes, because to me they're still Comics). 

We put a lot of work into this one; a significant chunk of it has been redrawn, recolored, and every page has been “remastered” at double the resolution of the original web serial versions. We’re happy with how the book itself turned out... and we’re taking a new step with its marketing this time, as well.

There are three editions of this eBook, each with its differences. Although a Kindle version is available at Amazon, we have to admit that we haven’t yet found a really satisfactory way to translate comics into the Kindle format, and this edition is the least preferred one. At the other end of the spectrum is the Apple iBooks version available now at iTunes. This edition is an absolute gas! It looks and acts great, and is enhanced with a few little multimedia add-ons. This is the preferred edition of the book, and the one you should consider getting if you have the right hardware.

For everyone else, the PDF edition is the best bet -- and that version is only going to be available right here! We’ve signed on with PayPal and Square Register, so we’re almost ready to take orders, we just have to figure out the details and set it up on the catalog page. This will a bit fussy... instead of an immediate download, the order will come to us, and we will deliver it to your email inbox within 24 hours. Downloads absolutely would have been the best way to go, but every shopping cart system out there that allows for this costs more per month than our little books would likely ever bring in, so there’s just no sense in going that route. We hope that you’ll bear with us. As it is, if everything works the way we think it is supposed to work, you’ll soon be able to order any of our books at a discount direct from us on the internet, over the phone or by snail mail, and receive them auto-magically by email (make sure your email server allows large files!) UPDATE 12/26: Our PayPal Shopping Cart is in place, and you can now order the PDF edition of Tinsel*Town -- along with all of our other titles -- direct from us! Check the CATALOG page for details!

Coming next month, another “First” as our longest-running comics character Quirk makes his debut in the new format. Watch the sidebar for details! And, as always, thank you all for visiting this blog, reading what I/we lay down here, and making it all possible. Especially with this post, it bears repeating that one year ago today I was a different person in a Bad Place, headed who knows where. This blog and the people who come here to visit are a big part of reason why all that has changed.

-- Freder

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