Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Going on two years ago right here in these pages I announced my newly-minted web address,, and promised a site to go with it. I had Big Ideas, probably too big. Too complicated at any rate. If you could see the blueprint that I drew up for that site, your mind would croggle. It was more like a blueprint for five sites. That’s, I think, something that I get from my father, and something that I’ve had to learn: the notion that a level of complexity equates with quality, when the thing I really ought to do is simplify, simplify, simplify. 

It’s taken me all the better part of those two years to realize that this is my website... not just a blog (although it will remain that), but a fully-functioning, connected series of pages capable of doing pretty much anything and everything I want it to do, including e-commerce. It wasn’t until earlier this week that the light bulb finally went on over my head, and shouted down at me: “Hey, stupid! You’ve been referring people to ‘the blog’ as your official site for how long now? And you’ve owned this domain name for how long now? Get up off your keister and make the connection awreddy!”

So -- Presto! Welcome to Duck Soup Productions. Welcome to It’s Duck Soup, after all...

I’ll still be making personal posts and they’ll still be as honest as I can make them; issues like grief and alcoholism don’t just go away. I’ll still want to vent every now and again (for instance: the main way I coped with the Holiday Season just past was in immersing myself in making this transition). I’ll still be shooting my typing fingers off about the subjects near and dear to me, especially movies and telly. So, nothing much is going to change, except that my line of eBooks and Stuffages, my “Novelties and Notions” to quote Cuthbert J. Twillie, will continue to grow. I’ve already made the addition of e-commerce through PayPal: check out the little yellow “Add to Cart” buttons on the catalog page. One thing: The catalog page is where the little yellow “Add to Cart” buttons will stay, you won’t be bothered with them here.

To celebrate the changeover, you might notice that I’ve given the place a complete overhaul! The old design was just something that I cobbled together quickly (and not very effectively) out of things I had on hand; the background image, for example, was a picture from the Old House. So that had to go. The clumsy layout was consolidated into a much cleaner plan. If I had to put it into words, I’d say that the old design was a design in search of itself, where this is a design that knows what it is about. What do you think? You can tell me personally, because there’s a brand-new email link in the sidebar that will post your comments straight to me. That’s just one detail in the New Features of Coolness available to me now. 

As always, thanks to everyone who stops by here and gives me a reason to keep on typing. It is a big deal for me to able to sit down here every morning and see that people have actually stopped by. I hope it’s worth their while. I’m doing my best to make it so.

-- Freder

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