Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Just so you know, if anyone cares, I am not on Facebook anymore. It was no longer a healthy place for me to be, and last night it got too personal.

It's my own fault, like everything else. Last night I was so depressed and down on myself and venting about it publicly on Facebook was probably not the best way to treat it. Still, I really didn't need someone to call the cops on me.

I was up until three AM fielding questions from two W________ police officers and a mental health services worker. THREE AM! Today I am emotionally and physically exhausted, unable even to think straight on the job. And they're going to call me again tonight. Because it's a "Police Matter" now.

I know that whoever called them in meant well, but they did not do me a service. It was a hard, emotional night that just got worse and worse. They threatened to take me away to a hospital or a shelter. Who would take care of my cats if that happened? Who would even know?

So -- no more Facebook. It's too easy for me to make a public fool out of myself, and it's obviously too easy for others to intervene when no intervention is needed or wanted.

-- Freder.


  1. Sorry to hear this, and I hope that not being on FB will help your state of mind, but also remember that FB is where a lot of your friends hang out, and that's a great source of support. I missed the action last night, but I'm glad it didn't end in any other way. Thank God they didn't take you to the hospital, which is what they usually do when someone has announced he is suicidal! Take care of yourself.

  2. If they do cart you off to the looney bin, we'll take care of your pussy cats! Done it before, do it again, don't worry! Have them get in touch with E, R or me. Hang in there! We really should do dinner soon.


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