Monday, July 29, 2013

CRANCH is Coming

• The Book that compliments TAROT OF THE ZIRKUS MÄGI •

"A crescent moon, tipped knife-sharp at each end, floated against an indigo background dotted with six-pointed stars. It was concealed in part behind the folds of a painted velvet curtain which was being drawn open by a disembodied hand adorned with a ring on every finger and loop bracelets that seemed to defy gravity. Half nestled in the hollow lunar curvature, half spilling out across the sea of stars, the words ZIRKUS MÄGI danced across the banner in gold-twisted letters. Counterbalancing the planet in the opposite corner of the canvas, a nearly-naked feminine figure levitated in the blue void, wreathed in spheres of glowing energy. Cranch recognized her immediately as Moondo, the World Goddess of the Taro. That was when he knew that he had come Home at last.

"For Cranch, paused at the gateway in a mixture of exhaustion and elation, the striped canvas surrounding the compound acted much the same as a stripper’s veils twining with enticing seductiveness, revealing and concealing at the same time. Beyond and above its magical border a tent bearing but a single peak, midnight blue and dotted with stars, was still taking shape against grey skies. The smell was thick now. Cranch took a deep breath, as deep as his lungs would allow, and stepped from one world into the next."

-- `excerpt from SEE THEM DANCE © 2013 Duck Soup Productions


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