Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Appropriate THIS....

Oh - dang. I can't use this picture. That would be "Cultural Appropriation."
"Listen very carefully. I will say this only once."


is, by its very nature,

a vast stewing pot meant to feed the world.


brings something to the pot and puts it in;


takes something out.


"Cultural Appropriation"

is nothing more than the latest rallying cry of the braindead 

-- the latest line of

intellectual masturbation

intended to draw boundaries around the way people express themselves, to make rules and to create limitations about the things that are "acceptable" to those braindead few.
At its worst, "Cultural Appropriation" is a kind of Hitlerian call to "Racial Purity" where no one can adopt any style or thought that in any way derives from another's perspective.

Yeah, we all know how well THAT line of thinking works.

"Cultural Appropriation" is the biggest line of Divisionist, Touchy-Feely Bullshit that's been foisted on us in a long time.

Without "Cultural Appropriation" not a single one of us would be listening to Rock music today.

Without "Cultural Appropriation," the USA would have NO CULTURE AT ALL. America is a BASTARD NATION. Its culture is made up of one hundred percent stolen elements -- stolen from African Americans, stolen from Native Americans, stolen from the Jews, stolen from the Italians, stolen from the Spaniards, and even stolen from Great Britain. Take away "Cultural Appropriation" and America's got squat.

But you know what? It's all right. Because that's what Culture is.

Without "Cultural Appropriation" 


Everyone learns and draws on what has been put out there before us. This is the nature of art and of life itself. So please, Just Stop It. Take your White Guilt and your guilt-driven False Outrage and your guilt-driven attempts to squelch free expression and deal with it in on your own, in private, where it ought to be dealt with. 

Don't drag your personal prejudices out into the world and use them to try to restrict and encage artists -- all of whom are better people than YOU are, because even the WORST artist is trying to bring something POSITIVE into the world. 

-- Oops, waitaminnit, I can't say that, it's "Cultural Appropriation."
You can criticize Bad Art for lots of reasons, including Soft Thinking, but "Cultural Appropriation" is not a valid criticism of ANY god damn thing.

-- Frede

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