Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Apocalypse Just About Any Time Now

I say again: I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I see very little difference between her and Donald Trump: both are tools of the one percent.

Here's the thing about Hillary Clinton supporters: many of them seem to be one-issue voters in the sense that all they care about is that they want a woman president. These same supporters are very quick to play the sexist card and try to paint all of us opposing her as being misogynists. This is nothing more than a political tactic of tryinig to misrepresent the opposition.

I think a woman president would be smashing, but not if it's Hillary Clinton. If Elizabeth Warren was running, I would back HER 100 percent. I've said this many times, I will say it again: HILLARY CLINTON IS NOT A LIBERAL. She is, at best, an Eisenhower Republican. She is part and parcel of the one percent and she will do absolutely everything to sustain the status quo.

The status quo is not good enough. We are too close to the edge of disaster. Just "holding the ground we are standing on" will not save us. We need someone who will actively pull us back from the brink of destruction. 

The only scenario that I can see which would make me vote for Hillary Clinton is if Ted Cruz got the Republican nomination. He is actually worse than Trump, though most seem to be fixated on Trump as the greater evil... whereas, I repeat, there would actually be very little difference between a Trump presidency and a Clinton one.

-- Frede.

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