Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Open Letter to Zack Snyder

Dear Zack Snyder;

From the first one of your god-awful movies that I ever saw (which was Sucker Punch), I have known you to possess all the brains of a tapeworm and the talent to match. In fact, Sucker Punch left no doubt but that you're a pervert in the bargain. 

You've been given control of a very large playground, and instead of creating something that large numbers of people would want to play on, you filled it with bricks and broken glass and torn-up concrete and lead pipes and dope dealers.

You've taken some of America's most time-honored characters and turned them into the playground bullies to do your dirty work for you: the work of darkening our Pop Culture to a point where it's blacker than horror stories used to be. Your vision of popular culture is stained with blood and spit and semen. 

You, sir, are a wanker who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, only to soil it with nighttime emissions. 

You claim to be a "comic book guy," but you're not. It's very evident that your knowledge of the medium doesn't go any further back than about 1990 -- which is when comics were getting so bad and so stupid that I had to stop reading them. 

Have you ever read a single word that Stan Lee wrote? I doubt it -- because comics in Lee's era required readers to have a few brain cells to rub together.

I only wish I could say these things to your employers in such a way that they would finally come to their senses and stop hiring you. I can only hope that the box-office take on your grotty little movie and on that of your next no-doubt equally egregious DC project falls through the floor. Perhaps then they will listen.


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