Saturday, November 2, 2013

"More Room, More Room!"

I forget where that quote is from. Nonetheless, it's appropriate here. Duck Soup Productions has been updating and expanding like mad.

ITEM! The Persephone's Torch mini-site (linked below and in the sidebar) now has an online excerpt from the novel and a reviews page, and is pretty much done. 

ITEM! The single-page articles about all our other books are all gone, and have been replaced by individual mini-sites all their own. These are in various stages of completion -- they have all the information that used to be contained on their pages here (albeit with better design and clarity), but they will all be getting added features in the days ahead.

The site for  Méliès' Notebook and Other Stories needs the most work. For now it has a brief description and ordering information, but we plan to add an extensive gallery of the illustrations and excerpts from the stories soon.

At Quirk's mini-site, you can watch the book trailer and Meet the Characters. There's lots more to come, including fun free downloads, an index of all the Quirk stories in every format in which they have appeared, and an article on the day Quirk went to school.

At our Tinsel*Town mini-site, you'll get to know Eddie Fox in the original four-page introductory strip, now on its own page. And again there is much more to come: we have plenty of "bonus features" to add onto this site, it's just a matter of getting around to it.

And of course, our growing Tarot Deck has had some design tweaks implemented on its mini-site, too:

All these places and people can also be reached from our newly cleaned and renovated sidebar. That's it for now -- but CRANCH is coming by year's end. Who is Cranch? You'll find out when his own mini-site debuts soon!

Fair sailing, fellow inmates!

-- Freder

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