Friday, November 29, 2013

Everyone Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

We used to think that Christmas was getting too commercialized more than thirty years ago. If time-travel was possible, and if you took our 1983 selves on a journey to Now -- well, we would have thought that the commercialism of today made 1983 look like a Bing Crosby movie by comparison. 

That said... we have traveled through time the long way, and the result -- just in time for the heinous **BLA-A-AAACK FRI-II-IDAY!!!!** -- is the latest addition to our online Emporium, our brand-spanking-new Etsy shop.

We have spent more than our share of money on Etsy -- dammit -- and now is the time to hopefully get something back! Original Comic Art... Vintage Literary 'Zines -- Signed Books and Comics -- eBooks and eComics for instant download... Digital Art Prints... and, soon, our Tarot of the Zircus Magi --

-- all have their home on the new Etsy Shop. Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread? Hah! Are you kidding? It's just another push in our ongoing attempt to scrape out a living doing what we love to do.   That said, we hope you'll take a minute out of your life to look at what we have on offer:

Thank you for reading!

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