Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tinsel*Town: Origins

To celebrate the publication of volume 1 of my graphic novel Tinsel*Town in paperback, I'm presenting the four-page concept strip that I originally drew for the story 'way back in the '80s. These four pages are the first pieces I created, before I ever knew that it would become a webcomic, but they have been newly recolored. The book is available right now from this site, from in both print and Kindle versions, from Barnes & Noble and all other online retailers, and wherever fine books are sold -- be sure to support your local indie retailer! Retailers can order from Ingram, B&T or CreateSpace Direct.

I've been bouncing off the walls about this for a couple of days now. It's a real labor of love, Volume 2 will be out later this summer, as will Quirk and a couple of other projects that we have in the pipeline. The book retails for $15.99, and is in full color! It will have its own special page here on the site soon.


-- Freder

Tinsel*Town, Eddie Fox and all related characters tm & (c) 2013 Duck Soup Productions, all rights reserved.

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