Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Eeny Meenie, Jelly Beanie, The Spirits Are About to Speak!"

And here's another coincidence: it turns out that my PERSONALITY CARD,
my SOUL CARD and my YEAR CARD are all # 8: "La Force, Strength." Shortly before
I learned that interesting fact, on the day that I began DEEP class in order to get my license
back, my old-fashioned Carny iPad Fortune-Teller Machine selected #11 as my Grand Etteilla
card for the day. In that deck, # 11 is, you guessed it, La Force.

Every so often (well, quite frequently actually) the tarot likes to do funky things to your head, and today, from two separate decks, I drew as my daily card The Queen of Wands -- one upright and one reversed. Someone is sending me a message!

I have, since the beginning of this experiment, been drawing primarily wands and cups, which makes sense to me as a creative person who relies far more on emotion than intellect. But this little incident today is bemusing to say the least.

It seems to be telling me that I’m a cussedly independent, creative sort of person, dramatic and passionate about my enthusiasms and beliefs, that I have a “commanding presence” (hmmm) and that I like to get things done with no beating around the bush. Oh yeah, it seems also to be saying that I’m well in touch with my feminine side.

On the other hand -- the reversed card tells me that I lack spontaneity to say the least (the fact is, I loathe spontaneity in all its forms and even when it comes to something like going to a movie I want to plan about a week ahead of time, thank you very much), that I can be “breathtakingly ruthless” and mercurial to a fault: one minute generous and open-hearted and the next, blaming, shaming and manipulating. Here’s something that I feel I have to quote verbatim, because if you’ve been following this blog long enough I believe that you have seen it happen right here in these very “pages:” “if [he] feels [he] is losing [his] grip on the direction events are moving, somebody is going to be punished, and it will happen right in public so the whole realm understands the consequences.”


Periods of Energy and Productivity are punctuated by stretches of listlessness, lethargy and loss of faith. Ehm, yeh, that would be me.

And -- if you don’t carry your weight I am very likely to throw you out of the lifeboat.

Well, I don’t know. This person sounds like a complete stranger to me. 

-- Freder.

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