Monday, February 1, 2016

One Way Out

I truly Madly Deeply don't

often get political on this blog.

I believe that a person has to pick and choose their fights.
That's why I'm right now getting All Political on you.

As long as we keep electing moderate liberals,
we will keep on moving inevitably to destruction.

Ever since Ronald Reagan sold the Republican party downriver to the bible-thumping, chest-beating right wing, the Republican party has been headed farther and farther into the lunatic fringe, closer and closer to the brink of destruction. Moderate "liberals" have only had the effect of holding the ground we are standing on, or of getting us to the edge of disaster a little bit slower.

Republican candidates get louder and crazier and more insane by the moment -- and somehow we are supposed to fight this by being moderate? Republicans are dragging the whole country in the wrong direction, and Hillary is PART OF THE PROBLEM.

How can we counter Republican extremism by being moderate?

Given the options that we have (and yes of course I wish that there were more real, substantive options... but in the America of today, almost completely 100 percent controlled by the Ruling Class), there is only ONE option. This guy:

This is why I will be caucusing for Bernie Sanders, and this is why I will not vote in the general election if he loses the nomination. If the American people are DETERMINED to throw themselves off a cliff, there's not one goddamned thing I can do about it. Electing Hillary will only delay the inevitable. A vote for her is a vote in favor of the one percent continuing to rape and fuck our country right over.


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