Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mr. PUNCH's Tarot Book: Coming Soon in Paperback, OUT NOW as a PDF e-Book!

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OK -- I am trying an EXPERIMENT.
In advance of the paperback edition (which will retail at $15.95), I'm making a PDF eBook version of MISTER PUNCH'S TRAGICALLY COMIC OR COMICALLY TRAGIC TAROT BOOK available right now for $5.95.

This has all the content of the paperback -- every picture, every Punch, every Dumb Assertion. In fact it was made from the same InDesign files as the paperback -- only the front and back covers have been downsized. 

It can be ordered from ANY of the ordering pages at my website, www.tarotbyducksoup.com . Orders are being handled by Ecwid, my shopping cart system. When your order is marked PAID you should get an email with the download link. (And if you don't you should let me know, and I'll get it to you. This is an EXPERIMENT, remember!) 

The PDF file can be read on your computer or mobile device. Works great in iBooks. 

If this EXPERIMENT is a success, you can bet I'll add my other Tarot Books to the PDF line -- and maybe my fiction and comics, too. 

That address again: www.tarotbyducksoup.com . Click anywhere you see "ORDER THE DECKS."

The gates are open!

-- Frede

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