Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Bricks in "The Wall"

“Science of Mind,” the inability to comprehend that other people see the world differently than yourself, is at the heart of my Disease; and so it is with an increasing sense of Bewilderment that I look at America’s Republican Party, having been one of them myself, once upon a time.

That was in Another World — before Ronald Reagan sold the party downriver to the Religious Right and two generations of Shrubs deepened the divide. You might say that I was an Eisenhower Republican, standing still in a country that was shifting father and farther away from the center.

These things are on my mind because I did watch the recent Republican Debate — if you can call it a debate — and came away horrified almost beyond words. This is the best that the Grand Old Party can offer? With something like nine hundred candidates to choose from, we’re still saddled with an array of crooks and stooges.

You can learn more by looking into people’s eyes than by listening to their words, which lie. If you look, really look into their eyes while they are speaking, you will see what I mean. When you look into their eyes, you will see that most of the candidates are obvious dunderheads. A few are the more dangerous type: cunning, calculated liars. It is readily apparent, if you look into her eyes, that Carly Fiorina is the most intelligent of the pack, but like her challenger The Don, she has the soul of a serpent and is cold, evil; well in the grip of The Devil and ready to knife America in the back at the earliest opportunity.

During the whole interminable session, not one single candidate — not one — addressed any of the real issues that are killing the American middle class and turning America into a third-world nation. Instead, they focussed unwaveringly on so-called “big issues” that actually are nothing more than distractions designed to a) be as deliberately divisive as possible, and b) keep the voters looking away from the real trouble. 

It’s disgusting, it’s sad, it’s terrifying.

But — let’s play Devil’s Advocate and assume that, say, “Illegal Immigration” is one of the biggest threats to our nation, as they claim. It isn’t, but this is an intellectual exercise: say it is.

Every. Single. One of them is still wrong about its solution.

If you really want to solve illegal immigration, stop enabling the people who are hiring the immigrants: the Americans who are exploiting illegal labor, the ones who are hiring illegals and thereby creating a market for them.

Put those American people in jail, fine them out of existence, dry up the market for illegal workers, and watch how fast illegal immigration disappears.

You don’t need a damn wall. In fact, the wall they are really talking about is the wall that they are building to split voters with divisive issues so that the politicians can further their own agenda and the agendas of the people financing them.

And that’s just One Thing. Just one issue that the politicians are creating out of thin air and then refusing to address in any honest way. 

But that’s not what horrified me about the “debate.” What really scared the living crap out of me was the number of morons in the audience who cheered on that pack of Evil Bastards.

Pandering to the stupid, that’s what the candidates were doing — all except for The Don, who only panders to his own ego.

There is only one person — on either side of the political fence — who is talking about the real issues and doing it sensibly. Bernie Sanders may or may not have a shot at the Oval Office, but he’s raising the standard of the debate. 

So far, no one has risen to challenge him.

— Frede 

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