Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's All in the Name -- At Least, That's What They Tell You...

Until now, my nom de plume for novels and other book-length publications has been FREDER. This is both a derivation / shortening of my real middle name, and the full name of the protagonist in one of my favorite movies, Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS.

The reason I adopted it was not to hide behind anything, as if I had anything to hide, but simply because I strongly believe that it's hard to encourage word of mouth when no one can pronounce your "real" name. And the fact is that I live under a surname that is cursed -- really, genuinely cursed, although the origin of the curse is lost to Swedish history

I need to find some way to get out from under it if I am to find any real success in this life.

As 2015 begins. I have decided to drop the "r" off the end of my nom de plume and become "Frede" -- pronounced with a long e, just as you think; pronounced "freed."

Although I have not reached that point yet, it is the one thing in life that I am aiming for, the one thing that I need in order to call this life a success.

-- Frede.

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