Saturday, December 20, 2014

Duck Soup's Un-Holiday Graphic Novel Sale!

I have a few too many copies of my graphic novel series sitting here in my office, taking up much-needed shelf space. So -- because I want to A) get rid of them and B) encourage folks to try them -- especially B -- I'm offering them on sale here for about half-price.

That's the equivalent of a movie matinee ticket for all the adventures in Space and Depression-Era Hollywood that you can shake a stick at. Although why you'd shake a stick at it is anyone's guess. 

The running time of the sale isn't limited, but the quantities are very limited. This special price on the books is only available on this page, in this post, using the special PayPal links below. 

If all this has you scratching your head and thinking "What the heck?" you can learn all about Tinsel*Town by clicking here, and all about Quirk by clicking here -- or click around over there in the sidebar for both -- plus a whole lot of other stuff worth your attention. 

QUIRK vol. 1, "Pulp Friction" and QUIRK vol. 2, "Termination Alley"

TINSEL*TOWN vol. 1, "Ashcan Blues" and TINSEL*TOWN vol. 2, "Love & Death"

QUIRK vol. 1, "Pulp Friction" -- single copy SALE:

TINSEL*TOWN vol. 1, "Ashcan Blues" -- single copy SALE:

Happy Un-Holidays, Y'all!


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