Friday, August 16, 2013

Seen Enough

No graphic this time, because it's not worth the effort. Sucker Punch, which is still airing on FX as I type this, is nothing more or less than a sick pervy wet dream aimed squarely at naughty little sweaty-palmed adolescent boys who were born after 1990 and raised on a steady diet of computer games, Playstations, Japanimation and internet porn.

I feel really bad for the girls in SuckerPunch, because the picture sexualizes them in such unhealthy ways and uses them to promote the very degeneracy that it pretends to condemn.

But then, what else would one expect from Zach Snyder, the grotty little green-screen pussy who gave us 300 and Wacthmen, a man whose only talent lies in playing with his little joystick?

Yeah, the production designers, photographers, costumers and set decorators all do a bang-up job on this picture, but in the service of what?

There's so much great fantasy literature out there that would translate to the screen beautifully with all the tools that these young filmmakers can bring to bear, but you know what?


Snyder belongs to the not-very-exclusive club of young braindead pornographers like splatte-rmeister Eli Roth who need to be given a drool cup and a towel and told to get get their sorry talent-free asses out of the business to make way for moviemakers who possess at least HALF a brain. Thank heaven for people like Guillermo del Toro, who can make fantasy movies using all the same tools that at least try to have something on their minds and have at least an ounce or two of humanity in their souls. Looking at unredeemable crap like Sucker Punch is enough to make you think that the world is coming to an end -- and to hope that the end comes soon.

-- Freder

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