Thursday, February 2, 2023

Quirk: Resurrection

I'm happy to announce that QUIRK will return in 2023!

For something like five years in the late '90s it ran as a weekly webcomic on my old site. I'm not going to go into the whole backstory at this time, but if you're curious about QUIRK, the place to start is the dedicated mini-site attached to this blog, linked here and in the sidebar. There you will find character descriptions, story synopses and more.

The comic ended right in the middle of a terrific story written for me by my good friend Bruce Canwell, associate editor of The Library of American Comics and co-creator (with Lee Weeks) of a little something you might have heard of: BATMAN CHRONICLES: THE GAUNTLET

For reasons that you will probably be able to infer if you're familiar with the contents of this blog, I was unable to finish drawing Bruce's story. I made several attempts to complete it over the past decade, but it was a struggle. I was never able to finish the story until now. 

It's done. "In the can," so to speak. And it will FINALLY premiere here (and on the page linked above), starting probably in April. 

If it goes well, there are several other untold QUIRK stories that I would quite like to get out of my system. Stories that will allow me to finally write "THE END" to the whole saga. We'll see about that. 

The main thing is "The Prunes of Ire" is at last seeing the light of day. Keep watching this space for more on this, that, and the other thing!



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