Friday, June 13, 2014


People are starting to say nice things about my TAROT of the ZIRKUS MÄGI -- now funding at Kickstarter, not by coincidence. 

Here's a link to a Brazilian Tarot blog by Luciana Onofre. If you're like me, you'll need to plug the text into Google Translate... the results come out garbled, but one thing is clear: the language of both the Circus and Tarot is spoken and appreciated all over the world!

Here's a photograph of a real-life three-card reading pulled by Kim A____, an anthusiastic supporter of the deck from Australia! This was a big thrill to me when it turned up on Facebook... it's been one of my fondest hopes that the deck is actually used by professional and novice practitioners alike, and this is a great start! Click on the photo to enlarge,

And... whoops, it looks like her site is down just at the moment, but Lisa Frideborg Lloyd also had some nice things to say about the deck at the Taror Collective site she shares with Janet Boyer. Here's the link, anyhow... maybe it'll be fixed by the time you read this:

Anhow, I quoted extensively from the page at the Kickstarter page, so you can see some of what she had to say over there,

Card images from the dark are starting to pop up all over the internet, at places like Nancy Antonnucci's Tarot School, and among the tarot deck collectors who like to list their collections online, my deck is starting to appear among them. I counted a quick four without even trying. Here's a nice example, complete with picture.

Last but not least, I'd like to share a pitch made by loyal Lia K____. When she shared the link to my Kickstarter project on her Facebook page, she didn't just share it... she gave it a full-on Carny Pitch that I just LOVE:

"As a former carny in practice (and always one at heart), I've wanted to see a circus-themed oracle deck come to fruition since the late 80s. When the Zirkus Magi majors only deck was announced, I followed its progress daily, and snapped up a copy the minute it was released. Now, at long last, the COMPLETE deck is in the first stages of production, and while its got lots of dedicated fans, it needs a wider audience to see it through. So STEP RIGHT UP, LADIES AND GENTS, AND SPEND A FEW DOLLARS TO PEEK BEHIND THE TENT FLAPS AND GLIMPSE THE FABULOUS, THE FREAKISHLY FORBIDDEN AND THE FANTASTCALLY FORETOLD FUTURES YOU HAVE IN STORE! Become a part of the show, and I PROMISE you won't go home unsatisfied!"

Thanks, Lia, Thanks, everyone! Heaven knows I needed a morale boost, and all this makes me feel happy and humbled.

-- Freder.

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