Monday, January 20, 2014

TERMINATION ALLEY: Spitting in the Face of The Devil

Despite every obstacle that the Fates have laid in front of me in the past month, I am poised to publish TWO new books in the next couple of weeks. One is happening due to pure blind tenacity, and the other is happening thanks to a lot of work done over a period of years many, many moons ago.

The latter is volume 2 of Quirk, collecting well over a year's worth of my weekly internet comic between two covers.

This is where things really start to happen. It's not necessary to have read the first volume or any of the prior iterations of QUIRK to jump onboard here, but you may enjoy this more if you know some of what has gone before.

Everything changes for our heroes in this volume: Quirk's ship AND one of his friends are both repossessed by their original owners, the Evil Cosmic Conglomerate Lockhead Dynamics; Quirk, Sludge and Smith are set adrift on course to the most unbelievable destination of all... along the way, they encounter the Artmeister of the Spaceways, the Dalai Dada. And when they land on the Planet of the Amazon Cowboys, nothing can prepare them for the depth of the conspiracy that has engulfed Earth.

The Dalai Dada sequence was created just after the incidents of 9.11, and reflects my feelings surrounding that awful day,  Beyond that, this volume reflects the culmination of 20 years worth of plotting and planning.

Quirk, Vol. 2, "Termination Alley" is 62 pages in full color. It retails at $15.99, and will be available before the end of the month.

Ordering details coming soon... along with information about the other completely wonky book that's coming around the same time.

Onward! Gawdam it, I am going to conquer this woebegone world SOMEhow!

-- Freder

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