Monday, September 9, 2013

The Fall Line-Up

So — I have my “Publications” file open and it is a mighty list: Things that I will do, things that I hope to do, things that I would like to do and things that I could do if the Fates allow. It’s now time for me to sort it all out and see what actually will get done before the end of the year.

All Publishers have seasonal lists. I’ve run through my Winter and Spring lists (see the sidebar and visit the Bookshop for everything I’ve done this year); unfortunately Spring ran into Summer, as it has a habit of doing, and as usual I did not allow enough leeway in time and resources. That’s generally my downfall with any and all creative planning: it always takes longer than I thought and hoped it would. 

But this — what I’m about to lay down here — this much I know I can do. I think.

Coming up later this month is Volume 2 of Tinsel*Town, my graphic novel of Hollywood in the Great Depression. The image you see above will not be the cover; it’s a cover I did for an earlier PDF edition of the series, and is posted here as a teaser. This is where things start to turn for Eddie Fox: for better and for worse. Unfortunately, this volume will represent all the material that I have completed for the novel. There won’t be any more unless you support the project! Do you want to see how it all ends up, or will the story of Eddie Fox remain unfinished, like Edwin Drood’s? That is entirely up to you.

In October, Volume 2 of my ongoing comics series Quirk will hit the stands! This volume features “Termination Alley” — the beginning of a major new story arc that changes everything forever for Quirk and his pals Carpy, Smith and Sludge. You won’t believe where the series goes from here! — The crew of The Frigid can hardly believe it themselves! And wait till you meet — The Dalai Dada! Remastered, Relettered and in full color.

Now, if I’ve played all my cards right, so to speak, November will see the release of my new novel, See Them Dance — a fantasy adventure like nothing else out there. Complementing the book, available either by itself or in a limited edition set with the novel, will be the Majors-only version of my Tarot Deck, Tarot of the Zircus Mägi. I’ll be teasing the novel here over the coming weeks, and previews of the tarot deck are always available at . This is easily my biggest logistical challenge so far… so cross your fingers that I get it all done on time!

Assuming all that goes according to plan, in December, just in time for Christmas, Duck Soup Productions’ first Children’s Book will debut: Under the Rooster Weathervane by Barbara Thornsjo. More details about this will roll out as the publication date gets closer. It’s already well along in production: it will be an 8” x 8” paperback. 

Believe it or not, there’s lots more on tap, including the full 80-card version of the tarot deck, more Quirk, another new novel and a nonfiction volume about the life of an obscure New England folk artist. Some of it I meant to get to this year. In practical terms, I don’t think I can make it happen in that timeframe. But hey — there’s always next year, yes?

Stay with me here, please? I can’t make it happen without you!

— Freder

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