Thursday, May 5, 2022

Le Tarot des ANIMALERIES is now live at Indiegogo!


My newest deck LE TAROT DES ANIMALERIES is now Live at Indiegogo. Please consider supporting this bewitching tarot pack from the creator of TAROT OF THE ZIRKUS M√ĄGI, TRICK OR TAROT and THE MARVELOUS ORACLE OF OZ.

In LE TAROT DES AMIMALERIES (The Tarot of Pet Shops), animals, machines, humans and inanimate objects morph and meld into eccentric new forms to enact a wholly original Tarot for an ever-transforming world! 

• Old-world style and symbolism with an Evolved metamorphic face: while the card meanings are derived from Golden Dawn and Waite-Smith traditions, the visual language that the deck uses to express those meanings is fresh and eccentric. Here is a Tarot designed to unleash your Inner Feral Being, a Tarot that’s beautiful and full of character, with its own symbology and a frothy Parisian soul.

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